Links to interesting literature findings/media

India – the Collected Works of Mahatma Ghandi (a letter)

Greece – an extract of Axion Esti, written by a Greek poet

Greece – movie: ΟΥΡΑΝΟΣ (THE SKY)

Extracts of Greek poetry by Konstantinos Semertzidis

Indonesia: Project Bungtomo Speech

Janette Alvina (Indonesia)

Janette Alvina: poems dedicated to Indonesian heroes

The Battle of Java 1942, shared by Nathanael Iskandar, INDONESIA

Indonesian War of Independence, shared by Filbert Jeremia, INDONESIA

Janette Alvina: book review of tragic story of oei hui lan

Soekarno movie review by Janette Alvina, INDONESIA

Kevin Kristiano (Indonesia)

Janette Alvina: Battle of Surabaya

Janette Alvina: opinion on battle of Surabaya

A stock footage of the Manila Clean-Up, shared by Drobert Sly Sagaral, THE PHILIPPINES






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