Movie, book and literature reviews

Sinimäed by Kevin Kallivere and friends

Grave of the Fireflies by Etienne Vandenbrouck & Virgile Lervat (France)

La Rafle (The Round Up) by Hortense Grardel and Diane (France)

La Rafle by Amandine Douez and Elodie Béarée

Mause Fini by Maxime Place (France)

Juliette (France): a review of Schindler’s List

Théo Plouvier (France): a review of The Longest Day

Laurine Delehaye & Mathilde Beauventre (France): a review of Inglorious Basterds

Schindler’s List by Juliette Thirtywillows (France)

Greek Cartoons of WW2 Era by Foutoula Tri (Greece)

AMAN movie review, created by Saumya Verwahni (India)

Subhaschandra Bose, by Mayank Sharma (India)

Video review of Bung Tomo speech by Janette Alvina (Indonesia)

The Operation Arsenal by Kasia Lasek, Agata Tabor and Aleksandra Ciapinska (Poland)

Catharine Shuvaeva (Russia)



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